Top 5 Benefits of Group Travel

  1. Meeting new people ! Part of group travel is exploring new places with people that share your interest and passion. There is a built-in comradery as you begin your adventure. Traveling with a small group creates an intimate atmosphere for creating new friendships and memories.
  2. Organized to be Stress free ! Everything is organized perfectly before you even leave.  Your fabulous itinerary is set, transfers arranged, along with a destination packing list.  All you have to do is pack and show up.
  3. Great Value !  When traveling as part of a group, you get more bang for your money.  Your accommodations, many of your meals, guides tours and excursions are included.  Many times your group can gain private entrance to venues, or skip the waiting lines for a better experience.
  4. Find new places to Explore ! One of the great advantages of group travel is exploring places off the beaten path.  Having a local tour guide to share those sweet spots only they know about. Plus you still have down time to rest or explore more on your own. 
  5. Safety in Numbers ! If you think traveling solo is a bit daunting, being part of a group offers support as you discover the sights, sounds and cultures of your destination.  There is also confidence knowing your safety is paramount to your tour operator and the assurance of help while traveling.

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